Kate Nussenbaum

I’m a doctoral student in the cognition and perception program at New York University, and will receive my Ph.D. in psychology this spring (2023). I work with Cate Hartley to research the development of value-guided learning and memory processes. I am interested in understanding how children, adolescents, and adults explore, learn, and remember the statistical and causal structures of their environments and then use that knowledge to guide subsequent exploration, learning, and memory. I use behavioral studies, fMRI, and computational modeling to investigate how the neurocognitive mechanisms that support these central learning processes – as well as their sensitivity to the statistics of the environment – change across development to support increasingly adaptive and goal-directed behavior.

Previously, I received an MSc by Research from the University of Oxford, where I worked with Kia Nobre and Gaia Scerif to study how long-term memories influence visual attention in children and adults. Before that, I completed my Sc.B. in cognitive neuroscience at Brown University, where I worked with Dima Amso to study the development of attention, memory, and cognitive control processes.

Here is my cv.

Want to get in touch? Email me at katenuss@nyu.edu.