Blog Posts

Here are a few blog posts with summaries of some recent studies:

The hidden agent of decision-making.

Memory’s reflection of learned information value increases across development.


I co-authored an article on reinforcement learning in Frontiers for Young Minds, an awesome journal written for kids and reviewed by kids. You can read it here.

Policy Briefs

I have been involved in important efforts to summarize developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience literature for key stakeholders in education and legal policy.

I contributed to Scientific support for a developmentally informed approach to the Miranda rights, a brief written in 2018 to help lawmakers in New York understand why current Miranda practices might not fully protect adolescents, who, relative to adults, demonstrate pronounced differences in the neurocognitive processes that support comprehension and decision-making. I helped write this brief along with other members of NYU’s Scientist Action and Advocacy Network.

I was the lead author of Supporting the Development of Executive Functions in Young Children, a 2014 brief to help Rhode Island policymakers and educators understand the key role that early cognitive skills play in later life outcomes. I wrote this brief in collaboration with other students and faculty members in Brown University’s Teaching-Research-Impact Laboratory.